When Failure Is No Longer Big News…

Only you can determine if you are a failure or not.

But why would you choose to be when becoming something else, becoming a success, is so much better?

It is true that you cannot outrun failure. It will happen when it does, and the only thing you can do is learn from it. While it is an option to let it drag you and stop you from achieving what you want in life, you don’t have to because you are meant to do great things.

Great people have failed. Popular people have known how it is to fail, but the difference between them and the others is the fact that they did not give up. If anything, they used it as an opportunity to get better and to hone their skills.

Take Michael Jordan for example. He is one of the NBA greats, if not the greatest. He wasn’t always great, but he made himself so. He did not give up. He missed shots and lost games but did it stop him? No, it challenged him to work harder.

Then there is the legendary Thomas Edison. Did you think he perfected the light bulb on his first attempt? If he gave up when he failed, imagine how the world would be today.

You see, failure is not a breaking news; it is a part of life. But how you react to it is the biggest factor. You cannot call it quits because you failed once or twice. In every failure, there are lessons to be learned. Learn from them instead of making an excuse to give up.

If you want it enough, you will find ways. Don’t take everything too seriously. Be as tenacious as you can be and always believe in yourself even if others don’t.

Others cannot make you fail; only yourself can decide if you will let it happen or not. But imagine how things will turn out if you will keep going. The possibility is endless, whereas if you let failure win, you will not get anywhere.

Once again, only you can decide if you will let failure stop you or make you better than you ever were.

Decide, and decide wisely.

Source: Chispa Motivation