4 Effective Ways To Fight Self-Doubt

If self-doubt is fatal, we are in trouble.

We say this because most of us doubt our capacity to do things and to succeed. Maybe it really is fatal when it comes to dreams and aspirations, right? Not only it is a mood-killer, but it is also a dream annihilator.

It is not easy to combat self-doubt, and sadly, this is something that is perhaps innate in all of us. It could be the surroundings we grew up in or the impossible standards set by society.

To be more effective in fighting self-doubt, these are our suggestions:

Encourage yourself
The first person who should give you courage is yourself. You are the one who know what you can do, use this to your advantage when self-doubt creeps in. Shift your thinking and believe that whatever you are facing, be it an exam, a presentation or a job interview, you get through it with. Once it is done, you will realize it is not as bad as you thought it was.

Borrow confidence from your loved ones
You may not always be puffing your chest for having confidence, but it does not mean you cannot tap into your family and friends. When you are beginning to doubt yourself, think about someone who has no problem in the confidence department. Think what he would do in a situation you are worried about and do exactly what you think he would. The outcome would be secondary, what matters is that you overcome and fight your self-doubt any moment it strikes.

Trust your instinct
You know what to do. You have always known this, but self-doubt has already taken root in your mind it has become the default reaction in almost everything you do. You have to change this. Trust your gut. Listen to your instinct, and you will not get lost. You will also realize that you are capable.

Remember your accomplishments
One of the best ways to remind yourself that you have no time and should not listen to self-doubt is looking back and remembering your accomplishments. Big or small, they are your proof that you can do wonders if you believe in yourself more and when you trust your judgment and wisdom. Self-doubt is moving backward. Trust and confidence? A thousand leaps forward.

Not being too hard on yourself is a good place to start working on your self-doubt.

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