Get Ready and You Have Won Half Of The Battle

Sheer luck has nothing to do with it.

All victories have been claimed because of preparation and strategy, in knowing everything you can before embarking on war. When you do this, you have claimed half the victory and all that is left is take it to the end of the fight.

The same goes with success. Prepare. Do the dirty work. Do not shrink from challenges and obstacles. Do not even think about failure. When it happens, face it head on then go at it again.

Do not be afraid of success either. Most people are afraid to succeed. Hence, they are afraid to try. They are more worried about succeeding than actually failing. Eliminate this kind of thinking and just follow your dreams. Make them big, grand and wild. Even if you do not exactly land where you wish to be, you will still fall into something great.

Tell us, are you prepared enough to handle success or failure?