When You Get To The Top, Climb Higher

The journey to the top is the most instructive.

When one succeeds, we are in awe. In some cases, we even get envious. It is human nature after all. 

What we fail to realize is that we can be as accomplished, if not more. Successful people are on top of the world because they worked their way from the ground up. Perhaps they even crawled at one point.

No, they did not wake up and got to where they are overnight. They stayed awake and made things happen. It is never easy. Stumbling once, twice and many times over is a common experience. There will be moments when you would wonder if you want to proceed or not, or if it is even worth it to go on. You know what? You must carry on. 

Success is  great thing, but it is also not for the weak. In some instances, it will be easier to give up and abandon your dreams. But this is the easy way. You deserve so much more but you can only achieve them if you work harder than you ever have in your life and if you don’t quit, just because it is the easy way out.

Yes, you will be sleep deprived, hungry, messy and all over the place sometimes. But that is the challenge, isn’t it? With challenges, you not only strengthen your resolve, you also discover who you are and the great things you can do for your life and others.

Failing is not the end nor should it define you. Aim to get to the top. Do what it takes and then climb higher than you intended to. You will be surprised how far you will get if you take no for an answer, refuse to fail and don’t allow yourself to be defeated.

Success can be yours. All you have to do is claim it and then make it happen.

Tell us, how far are you willing to climb?