Got Bad Habits? Here Is How To Break Them!

We all have bad habits.

It may be a tiny matter or something gigantic but we have it and before you beat yourself into pulp, remember that bad habits are part of the composition of what makes us human beings.

But the real question is, how to be break them? Or if you belong to the saintly few (by any means, take this as a joke), how to break that little pesky bad habit? Yes, singular.

Watchwellcast provided ways to break them and mind you; they are helpful. According to them, bad habits form through repetition and positive reinforcement. Here’s how to break them.

  1. Write the bad habit/s
  2. Learn to avoid triggers
  3. Substitute bad habits to new habits
  4. Gather your army—enlist your friends’ help

There you have it. To learn everything in detail, please watch the video below. Got any tips of your own? Please share them with us.

Source: watchwellcast