When An Office Argument Cannot Be Avoided, Handle It Like A Pro

Arguments happen.

It occurs whether we like it or not; between friends, siblings, family members and yes, co-workers. Sometimes, we can control our outburst, sometimes, we cannot. When an office argument happens, a lot is at stake. It could be your career, your professionalism, or your job.

That is why it is important that you handle it like a pro. This is how you can do it:

Do not argue over email

This is a red flag for things that would go beyond your control. Email is a sure way to escalate things, intentionally or otherwise. There is a wide room for misunderstanding, misinterpretation and the never ending to and fro of messages but both parties still cannot convey what they want to say with clarity. When you know something can no longer be resolved through email, it is better to have a one on one talk with the person involved, or if it’s a group, suggest a meeting and resolve what the issue is. The sooner you can get it over with, the better for everyone.

Never raise your voice

It is a workplace and even when dealing with something like an argument, you are expected to behave properly regardless of how you feel. It may take all your self-control, especially when the other person is shouting but you have to take the high road and be the bigger person. Always be logical and speak from the heart. It is more effective than wanting to win a shouting match. Shouting will only hurt you, even when you are only returning the favor.

Don’t take it personally

It would be hard not to but don’t. It is not about you or the other person. Sometimes, an argument arises because something has to happen and to be voiced out. State your goals and focus on them. Don’t be sidetracked. Always aim for a logical (and peaceful) resolution no matter how hard it may seem. It is what is expected of you, and it is the same thing you should expect from yourself; otherwise, it may lead to an embarrassing fight everyone involved will regret and pay for.

Now, you are prepared to handle an argument like a pro. You can apply this not only at work but your personal life as well.

Do you have any other suggestions to handle an argument well? Please do share. We would be glad to hear about them.