Happiness And Courage Are A Work Of Art

We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. – Barbara De Angelis

Happy are those who have courage.

Why? They are free as a bird. They can do what they want and be where they want to be at any given time.

Happiness and courage are two things we want to achieve and have at the same time. Unfortunately, it is also something most people don’t have. We chase happiness instead of deciding to be happy and have the courage to face what life throws at us.

But how can one be happy and courageous at the same time? The answer may not always be what we want to hear, but sometimes, it is precisely what we need.

Life is not always easy. In fact, it is never easy, but we have to decide to live life the way we want regardless of how scary it may seem. It is a work of art because not everyone has the willingness or the courage to do it to be happy and be what they want to be.

In whatever you do, remember what is important and to enjoy life. It is not a hard decision, only that we are afraid to do it most of the time because we doubt the outcome and we think about what others might say. You might fail at some point and this does not mean you are not deserving of success. It means you still have to work as hard as you possibly can and banish the impossible.

Decisions are not always easy to make, and that is the challenge. The harder it is, the more worth it is in the end. Happiness is priceless. We cannot expect it from anybody, and we cannot allow anyone to control it either.

Being happy and courageous is always up to you. Always remember this and you will be okay. It is an art you can master anytime you choose to.

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