Happiness Matters and You Need To Know The Deeper Reason Why

Ah, happiness.

Doesn’t it make you smile just reading the word itself? We chase it (often going to the wrong direction), we crave it, we long for it.

Studies and researches have surfaced about the science of happiness and if it does really matter. It does and in such a profound way. I think we just often downplay it because we are so used to thinking negatively, and we hardly recognize real happiness even when it smacks us right in the face. In short, even when we get what we want in the first place, we still want to have more.

But, as it turned out, happiness is not a mere fleeting emotion that can be discounted, it is also a state of mind. It is also not always about us.

But you know what makes this feeling even more powerful? The fact that we want the people we love to be happy even more. There is no deeper love than that, is there?

Continue reading below and find out for yourself just how happiness matters in a deeper sense.

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Why Does Happiness Matter?

Does happiness matter? People react to this question in surprisingly different ways.

Trying to live a happy life is not about denying negative emotions or pretending to feel joyful all the time. We all encounter adversity and it’s completely natural for us to feel anger, sadness, frustration and other negative emotions as a result. To suggest otherwise would be to deny part of the human condition.

…So, rather than success being the key to happiness, research shows that happiness could in fact be the key to success.

But it doesn’t just help us function better: happiness also brings substantial benefits for society as a whole…Happier people are also less likely to engage in risky behaviour…

So happiness does matter – the scientific evidence is compelling. The pursuit of happiness is not some fluffy nice-to-have or middle-class luxury; it’s about helping people to live better lives and creating a society that is more productive, healthy and cohesive.

Happiness is the thing we want most for the people we love the most. That’s why it matters so much.

–by Mark Williamson

For the full article, please go to The Guardian.