Here Are The Reasons Why Our Mondays Are Better

People dread Mondays.

We don’t share the same feelings and while this is true, dreading it is certainly understandable. We have gone through the same phase, and it was not easy to not want to get up on a Monday morning because of a weekend hangover. Good thing we were able to overcome such challenge.

These are the reasons why our Mondays are better:

We maximize the weekend
Time is short when you are having fun regardless of the day of the week it is. There is a reason everyone looks forward to the weekend. It is time to have some downtime and to take a break from all the hustle. What we do is savor each moment, do something productive, healthy and relaxing.

We catch up on sleep
There is no better time to catch up on sleep like the weekend. We always make it a point to get enough shuteye on weekdays but sleeping in on a Sunday never fails to make us feel that it is a great reward and a well-earned one.

We recharge
Five days have been spent working hard, meeting deadlines, taking care of the family. It is seemingly endless. That is why we recharge. It is a non-negotiable routine. This gives us enough energy to face another week and to look forward to Mondays, without fail. We also believe enough that if we do not work hard, we would not be able to enjoy Saturdays and Sundays as much, because we won’t be able to afford to most of the time.

We prepare
Sunday evening is spent preparing for Mondays. No, we don’t consider it wasted, but a well-used time. We make sure we have healthy meals for the week, our outfits are ready, our to-do lists completed. We turn in early and crunch Mondays and the rest of the week, we are excited, well-rested and happy.

There are no perfect days, whether it be weekend or weekdays, only a perfect way (or almost) to handle them as they come.

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This article was originally posted by HealthDelight. Reposted with permission.