The Secrets To An Honest & Open Working Environment

Happy employees.

This is the goal of every employer and for a good reason. Happy employees are more productive, friendlier and have a more positive disposition in life and career.

It is hard to please everyone and this is why it is harder to make everyone happy in the workplace. While it may not always be possible at all times, an honest and open working environment can lead to happier employees, which leads to a more productive and successful organization.

How can you do this? Consider the following:

Ask for ideas
Know what your people are thinking, ask them for ideas. You will be surprised at how good they are. Sift through these ideas and thoughts and apply what you can. Do this and they won’t hesitate to make recommendations the next time around.

Listen to your people
It is not only ideas you have to listen to, but you also have to hear them out when it comes to their grievances and concerns. Make changes, if at all possible, otherwise, provide further clarification and reassurance as needed.

Patience is key
Be patient with everyone but do not cuddle or allow them to take advantage of you and the company. As a leader, you need to find balance.

Play it fair
Treat everyone with the same respect and care. They are all your employees and when they see that no one is given preferential treatment, they will also treat and respect you better.

Stay professional
There is a fine line between being a good boss and a good friend. While at work, be a good boss and if you wish, outside work, be a good friend. At some point, you may also lose your patience but remember to control your emotions. Make praises in public and constructive criticism in private.

Show support
Let your people know that you’ve got their back. They may fail at some point or get confused as to what needs to be done. Be there for them to show guidance. This is what leadership is all about. You help mold them so they have room to grow not only professionally but also personally.

With teamwork and good camaraderie in a workplace, anything is possible.

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