March Forth: It Is How Difficult Things Get Accomplished

What do you see?

Are the things we see the same as the things we think about? Our eyes see how things appear and our mind interpret the things as they appear. These are two different things.

We can either interpret our experience and reality into something that could give endless possibilities or the end of everything.

While there is breath in our body, we have a chance to re-create our destiny. We can create a new life and be an active and powerful force for ourselves. No one else will do it for us. If we wait for someone to do so, we would be waiting a lifetime. What a waste it would be.

Think about the time that has already been lost. Whatever it is you want to do, march for. Do it. NOW!

Watch the video below and be inspired to move forward. Hey, share your thoughts with us, too!

Source: Basquiat Picasso