How Do You Think You Are Doing In Life? Better Than Most!

Are you reading this post?

Then I can say, without hesitation, that you are definitely doing better in life than most people. Why? Because you have access to a computer and an Internet!

You might say, “Big deal.” Big deal it is. Let’s digest this fact for a second—many people cannot read, do not have clean water and have no idea what the Internet means. They hardly eat three square meals a day and would be lucky to have one meal or two.

This is not an exaggeration. According to United Nations World Food Program Hunger Statistics, “Some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth.”

The point is, instead of feeling like a failure, isn’t it better to be grateful for what we have and work harder for what we do not have? Complaining does not get us anywhere. It only adds to the frustration we feel and the helplessness of the people around us.

Do you have clean water? You have no clue how better off your life is. Did you wake up today? It’s a miracle on its own. Are you able to travel to different places, drive your own car? You have more than enough.

Do not worry about the failing marks you got, you can make it up. Do not fret about the mistake you made during your presentation, you have another chance to highlight your speaking prowess. Do you see what I mean?

You are better off in life, despite how you are feeling. The key is to look at the bright side and be motivated to move forward, no matter how heavy each step may seem.

You make this world a better place even if you do not see it yourself. Most of all, you are lucky to be alive at this time and age. We all are.

Read the below signs to prove you’re doing well in life, courtesy of Lifehack.

How better off in life are you? Do you have any thoughts and wisdom to share?

15 Signs You’re Doing Well In Life Even Though You Don’t Think So

Let’s face it, sometimes life feels like it’s falling apart at the seams.  Perhaps you’ve lost your job, or your marriage just ended, or you failed to pass an exam and now you are simply feeling helpless and defeated…Today I want to remind you why, even though you may be feeling a bit like a failure, you are most definitely not.  Here are 15 signs that show you are doing well in life even though you don’t think so!

  1. You’ve lived and learned
  2. You have a comfy bed to sleep in
  3. You strive to be better
  4. You have/had a job
  5. Knowledge is at your fingertips
  6. You have food to eat
  7. You have the power to choose
  8. You’ve experienced love butterflies or something like it
  9. You have clean water
  10. You have a dream
  11. Your happiness is real
  12. You have clothes to wear
  13. You have the ability to forgive
  14. You believe in something greater than yourself
  15. You have the opportunity to build global friendships

–by Sarita King

To read the full text, please go to Lifehack.