How Do Your Love Ones Perceive Your Level of Success?

It’s easy to look down on ourselves and feel unaccomplished most of the times.

When we were younger we had a lot of aspirations in life. Unfortunately, there may be circumstances in our lives that will prevent us from getting our lofty goals. When this happen, we feel like we let ourselves down. It can be a painful experience.

Before we judge ourselves, and grade our achievements poorly, we need to look into our lives in a bigger perspective. You may not be the famous singer you once aspired to become, but you’ve been a really loyal and loving friend. You may not be able to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor, but your life has touched a lot of people in other ways.

See the reaction of the participants by watching this touching video.


In the video above, we conducted a social experiment asking people to rate their own personal “success” on a scale of one to ten. No one gave themselves a perfect score. In fact, one mother confessed that she had shifted her focus away from work when her son was born. A young man said that he’s been told countless times that he doesn’t have what it takes to succeed. He rated his success accordingly.

We then turned the question around to their loved ones — whose scores told a different story.

Source: A Plus