How Leave A Job Without Burning Bridges In 4 Ways

Sometimes, the pasture is indeed greener on the other side.

No matter how much we love the work we do, there are instances when we have to leave it and look for something better. Not because you are selfish but because it is what needs to be done to support your family and yourself.

For example, I worked for a very decent family company after college and what I was earning barely covered my expenses so I could not send money home. I asked if I can be transferred to a different department where money was more lucrative, but my request was denied so I decided to leave.

Leaving wasn’t easy because I already made friends, and I was comfortable with the working environment but leave I did. Sometimes, it is not a matter of comfort anymore, but needs and that is OK.

Here are four ways to leave a job without burning bridges because you have learned a great deal and such experience helped you grow to become who you are today:

Provide a proper notice

Some companies require a 30-day notice while others don’t, but it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you are considerate enough to let them find a replacement and allow time to endorse tasks assigned to you.

Remain professional

Professionalism shows you care about the people you are leaving behind regardless of the reason you are leaving the company. Don’t talk trash about your employers, your co-workers, and the company because while some of the things you will say may be true, the bad reflection would be on you, and it is not a good sign for your prospective employers to see.

Say thank you to your employers and the people you work with

The things you have learned and experienced during your stint with the company helped you to be a better person that you are today. The opportunity you had to hone your skills also opened some doors for you to pursue and whether you admit it or not, they were instrumental in it somehow. Besides, it is never a bad thing to show gratitude.

Keep in touch

We are sure you have made good friends so keep in touch with them. You can also keep in touch with the managers and clients, as you may want to ask them for referral in the near future. It is also one way of expanding your network, wouldn’t you agree?

Every journey must end somehow, and when you are nearing yours and ready to begin another, may you be guided by this and continue your growth elsewhere, to thrive even more.

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