How To Make Great and Right Decisions Each Time

 Decision making is tricky.

It is also far from being easy. Heck, just deciding what to order in a restaurant causes me indecision. (Perhaps it’s because I hardly eat out, and I would want to eat everything on the menu whenever I do? I’m just kidding!) It just shows that sometimes, we get sidetracked by irrelevant details instead of focusing on the issue at hand—the one that matters.

As an entrepreneur and a leader, people would look at you for great decisions, and whether made well or not, you have to stand by it because it is part of your job. A wrong decision could topple what you have built so hard in an instant, and a good decision could send you to great heights. Making decisions is similar to taking risks because you may not know the outcome until it happens.

If you want to learn how to make great decisions each time, let us learn together from the tips provided by

Read on below and begin to make even more great decisions moving forward.

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7 Keys to Making the Right Decision the First Time and Every Time

Every entrepreneur has to be a decision-maker, even with information overload, emotional employees, angry customers and competitors hovering from every direction.

…Yet they all seem to have similar thinking habits in their day-to-day decision making process.

  1. Stop to think before jumping to a decision.
  2. Focus fully but selectively on issues of consequence.
  3. Use person-to-person interaction to confirm your thinking.
  4. Allocate contiguous time and process for critical decisions.
  5. Think past a potential decision to a plan for execution.
  6. Communicate your thinking as you deliver a decision.
  7. Manage and monitor the actual resulting implementation.

The ability to make the right decisions on a timely basis is what defines you as an entrepreneur. It’s not a skill that anyone is born with, and it is one that you can definitely learn and improve your habits over time.

–by Martin Zwilling

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