How To Motivate Yourself? Perfect These “Queenly” & “Kingly” Qualities

We were not all born royals.

Although we wish we were. However, just because there is no royal blood that is running in our veins it does not mean that we cannot act like kings and queens of our own realms.

We are born fighters but sometimes, we lost the motivation to go on, for some reason or another. Fret not, once you master the following qualities, you can always motivate yourself to carry on and show up, no matter how you feel.

Positive disposition.
It is hard; it is challenging. However, no situation is as dire and as hopeless as we think it is. Learn to pick out the positive and focus on it, instead of dwelling on the negative that can easily drown you.

Failing with finesse.
Not easy, we admit but doable. By finesse we mean we accept failure as part of life, nurse our wound and move on, trying again and not before learning all the lessons it teaches us.

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failing is another steppingstone to greatness.” - Oprah Winfrey

Not sweating the small stuff.
Take a break. Take care of yourself. Don’t forget your friends, have fun. Pray and show gratitude. Forgive. Be the king and queen of your own life, meaning, do not let anyone control your emotions and the way you act.

Seeing your future far and beyond failure.
Pre-plan your future but do not expect it to turn out the way you planned. Most likely, it won’t, but planning gives you a better picture of where you want to end up in life. There may be detours, and you may arrive later than you have anticipated but you will get there, successful. When you do, you manage your own kingdom. Having a clear perspective makes it easy to get up whenever you stumble and fall.

Choosing your battles.
You don’t have to engage in all fights, invited or not. You know which one is worth your time and what isn’t. It is not running; it is being wise.

Remember, what you were given when you came to this world can improve tenfold if you master these qualities, and you do not give up.

Are you ready to rule yet?