How To Motivate Yourself? A Touch Of Humor Is All It Takes!

It is Monday! Yay!

Do you do the jig or do you wish it is Saturday all over again? I cannot say I jump up and down, but I do have my own motivation, which is more than enough to get me off the bed in the morning and to try harder even when my body temperature does not agree.

We chanced upon a great video that will definitely help in inspiring you to appreciate Mondays—because the sooner Monday passes, the sooner Saturday will come. Now, that’s the spirit!

Mike (featured in the video, 115 seconds long) is one contagious guy who made me smile for 115 seconds. I have never seen anyone so excited to get to his job! Let us learn from Mike and may we keep the lesson every day and not just on Mondays. You bet it is a different kind of motivation!

Check out the video below and I am sure you will be laughing like a fool, too! That is how good it is, never mind that it is a bit old.

Source: Michael Kerr