“I was rejected from Harvard 10 times! Maybe I should go teach there in the future”

3 Mind Blowing Success Lessons from Alibaba Founder and CEO, Jack Ma

What is your definition of success? When would you proudly describe yourself as being successful?

Is it being the founder of a large organization? Is it being the CEO running a multinational company? Is it living in a large house on the leafy suburbs, or having a fat bank account?

The truth is that although people have different definitions of success, many will agree Jack Ma knows a thing or two about being successful.

A bit about Jack Ma:

You like other online shoppers have probably visited Alibaba. Maybe you love the great discounts, the range of goods, worldwide coverage, friendly service and much more. But, have you ever wondered who’s behind the large online shopping store?

Alibaba was started by none other than Jack Ma who also doubles up as the CEO. He is currently ranked as the richest man in Asia with a Net worth of over $ 20 billion as of 2015. What many people don’t know is that the 50 year-old business mogul didn’t have everything offered on a silver platter. He didn’t come from a wealthy family or have blessings from rich uncles and aunties.

Below are Jack Ma’s success lessons:

1. Persistence Is Key to Success

During the World Economic Forum held early this year at Davos, Jack Ma opened up about being rejected by Harvard not once, not twice, but 10 times. Who would persist after being rejected 10 times? He also shares that he had to learn English by picking up English-speaking tourists from the Shangri-La Hotel daily for 9 good years. In return to providing free tours the tourists paid him back by teaching him English. He never missed a single day.. not even during heavy snow or rainfall.

2. Success Isn’t For the Weak

The Chinese billionaire advises people that if you are afraid of failure then forget about succeeding. In fact, he states that failure has always been a good friend of his. He was rejected in all the 30 jobs he applied for. He was the only person rejected from a group of 24 who applied for a job at KFC. And he failed the entrance exam to the university 3 times. And there is of course the 10 times rejection by Harvard. So, why are you giving up after your first, second or third attempt?

3. Success Isn’t an Overnight Journey

When many of you look at how big Alibaba is (net worth over $ 200 Billion, listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) after the company raised $ 25 Billion in IPO (the largest ever in the US-listed companies market)), you just admire Jack Ma. But, do you know it took him close to 16 years to make Alibaba what it is today? In fact, he started the company with a group of 18 friends right from inside his tiny apartment in 1999. So, why are you still waiting for the “eureka or aha moment?” Simply start with what you have. It doesn’t matter whether it is in your mum’s kitchen, your dad’s garage, your bedroom, or even basement.

So, Do You Have What It Takes?

After analyzing a few of the life lessons we learn from Jack Ma, you might be asking whether you have what it takes. Maybe you are a 40-year old stay at home mum, or a 35-year old budding entrepreneur who believes has a great idea, or you’ve always procrastinated the idea of launching your company. Truth is you have what it takes.

What you need is self-belief, determination, persistence, and an open mind. And don’t let failure discourage or dishearten you.

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Source: Kou Qin