If You Are Smart, You Will Never Reveal These Details

What you share is what you are.

Some things are worth revealing to the world, other things, not so much. Personally and professionally, there are things we should keep to ourselves and truth be told; we would be better for it.

Just in case you are wondering and would want to do the same, these are the things smart people never reveal, no matter how much they want to:

How much money they earn
The amount of money one earns is very personal and should not be shared with others, so much so that some companies have made it a policy not to reveal one’s salary to a co-worker. A smart person does not need to be told about this. He keeps it to himself. The reason is that it is a private matter and others do not need to know. Besides, when one knows how much the other makes, it causes discord, misunderstanding and jealousy, something we can all do without.

Looking for a greener pasture
If there is one thing you should keep a secret, it is the fact that you are looking for a new job and a greener pasture. When you tell someone you are planning to leave, it might reach your boss, and it will not turn in your favor. You will either get a pink slip right away or be treated differently. Besides, you might change your mind. Once you have found a better job and you are ready to leave, give notice, but not before then.

They are not happy with their job
You may or may not be happy with your job, but if it is the latter, there is no reason to reveal the truth to anyone. Why? It is because it might be shared with your boss and believe us when we say it will not turn in your favor. Don’t give your boss a reason to fire you. Do your job to the best of your ability and if you are unhappy, look for one that will inspire you and make you happy. The upside is that you can do something, except blab about it to an officemate.

Personal opinion about someone
Nobody is perfect and much as we want to avoid it, we would always have an opinion about someone’s incompetence or character.  It is okay to have an opinion. What is not okay is speaking your mind about it. Not only it would be a disrespect to another, but it would also make you appear arrogant, which you do not want to happen. Smart people know this because passing on a judgment about another is unnecessary and unfair regardless of what they think.

It is great to share but only to a certain degree. Too much sharing is never a good thing. We have to keep something to ourselves.

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