Can You Imagine Yourself Without Pretensions?

“All I can do is be me. Whoever that is. – Bob Dylan”

We live in a world where people follow what society says, no matter what it is. We follow society’s standard, even when it isn’t necessarily right for us.

Either that or we do what we are told even when it is not what we want to do, follow a career path that’s not in accordance with our plan, or worse, stay in a job that’s making us miserable.

I should know, I have been there. There was a period in my life when I would weep in the morning and literally drag my feet to get to work and feel miserable the whole time I was there.

But no more.

It is time we get real and do what we really want for ourselves. It is not selfish to think about yourself, follow your dreams and do what it is that makes you happy.

You can listen to advice, consider your options, allow your parents to talk to you about you career, dreams and aspirations in life. That is alright, admirable even. You can observe the society; it is where you belong after all.

What is not alright is doing anything that is against your will, or something that is not making you happy in the first place.

So, as Bob Dylan said, “All we can do is be ourselves, whoever that person is.” Yes, not everyone will agree with our choices, nor be happy with what we want to become. What is more important is we are happy with where we are going, and we know, in the end, whether we would succeed or fail, we have done what we could. That’s all we could really do. Pretensions over.

Let us know, are you ready to be who you want to be, as you know you deserve?