In A Play Of Life, Stronger Storm Brings Out Brighter Sunshine

Life gives out various storms.

Most of them come in several forms, often disguised as something else. Unlike the storm dished out by the wrath of nature, the “calamities” we deal with may happen in our relationship, family, job and our dreams.

There will be instances when it would feel like all you see is a dark cloud hanging over your head and the looming thunderstorm from a distance. You get battered emotionally and mentally (sometimes even physically) when you lose a loved one or when you fail at the very thing you are good at. Life is complicated and of late, stormy.

Storm make trees take deeper roots. - Dolly Parton

It may be hard but don’t think or consider giving up. You are going through failures, and you are stumbling because you are capable of getting up. You feel the force of the hindrances, but you also summon the strength in you.

Like the trees that deepen their roots in every storm they survive from, you become stronger. You get better at what you do, and you get more prepared for the success that is about to come.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe it to be true? Comments welcome.