5 Ways To Remember Just In Case You Fall

Life is many things.

Sometimes we are on the pedestal, sometimes we are on the ground, wanting to be anywhere but there. But that is how it works, right? We have to learn to be at the bottom to appreciate being at the top and we have to be at the top to remember how it is at the bottom. It is a cycle of life, of reality.

Just in case you fall, don’t lose hope. Remember the following instead:

Gratitude always helps
Be thankful. It does not matter how little you have, what matters is that you have what you need at any given time. Wants can be worked on later. Make the best out of what you have with gratitude. In fact, the more grateful you are, the more blessed you would become, and this does not matter whether you are up there or not. Be grateful, always, and life will be better.

Don’t question life
Things happen for a reason, and this is true in every aspect of life. We may not understand why one has to leave, or to go through something we do not deserve, but all of these are mere phases. We are being taught and prepared for what is to come, and we tell you, what’s coming is a lot better than what you had and what you have. Instead of asking why you, say bring it on and kick butt.

You are loved
Yes, you are and deservedly so. You have great friends and reliable family members. If you want to be grateful for
something, this is it. You know you will never be alone, and you are not fighting your battle all on your own. You have a great support system. Call on them if you have to, and remember that it is okay to do so.

It will get better
Things may not be what you have imagined it to be but it is not the worse either, and that alone is something to be thankful for. Hold on tight and do your best in the situation you are in. It will get better and better than what you expect.

Tomorrow is another day
If things have not worked out today, don’t fret. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There is always a chance to start over tomorrow, to kick butt and to chase your dreams once more until the time comes that you can live them.

It pays off to be patient and to keep fighting. In the end, know that we will always get what we work for.

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