In This Life, No Effort, No Yield & Absolutely No Grit, No Pearl

What have you done?

What have you done to expect success to drop on your lap as if you have made a reservation beforehand? What right do you have to wait for greatness when you have spent all your time sitting around and not doing anything at all?

Wake up! Nothing is stopping you from going after what you want, from overcoming the impossible, from landing on the moon. Without hard work, you cannot have anything, and honestly, you do not deserve anything.

No grit, no pearl. Therefore, work hard and be resilient. Be tough, be the breaker of walls, the discoverer of endless possibilities. When you do this, and you never give up despite all the challenges you will face, you can have all the pearl you want, disguised as success and greatness.

Tell us, what kind of pearl are you after?