Inspiration Overload: High School Dropout & CEO at 16 Years Old

The world is full of wonders.

Some of them are 16-year old who are ready to take on the adult world. It makes you look back and recall what you were doing at 16, doesn’t it?

Ben Pasternak is one of these wonders. He is a high school dropout who has decided to live on his own, in a different country, no less. He has developed and up that is potentially worth millions. It only proves that success, no matter the age, is achievable if only one knows how to dream big dreams and work hard to make them happen.

No, we are not encouraging anyone to drop out of school. Education is important. What we want to say is that it does not matter if you are educated or not, or what your status in life is, if you want something to happen, you can make it happen.

Stop coming up with excuses why it is impossible and why you cannot do it. You set your own limitation, and you have the power to break the same barriers. It is true when people say that if you want it enough, you find ways but if you don’t, you invent excuses.

Don’t be afraid to try because that is when you learn to fight and most importantly, who you want to be.

Read on below and let a 16-year old CEO amaze you!

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16-Year-Old High School Dropout Is CEO of His Own Tech Company That Could Be Worth Millions

Ben Pasternak, a high school dropout from Sydney, Australia, could be the next great titan of technology.

Pasternak, 16, is the creator and CEO of Flogg, an app that allows users to buy and sell within their social network with just a swipe. Think Tinder meets eBay.

“Everyone has hyped up what I’ve achieved, but I feel like I’m just getting started. I don’t feel like there’s anything to brag about what I’ve done,” Pasternak told ABC News’ “Nightline.”

While most teens his age are focusing on prom and school sports, Pasternak is taking meetings with venture capitalists.

“Sometimes, yeah, I thought it was really intense and I was like, ‘Why can’t I just be a normal kid?’ But it’s fun. I have no regrets about it,” Ben Pasternak said.

–by Rebecca Jarvis, John Kapetaneas, Ashan Singh and Alexa Valiente

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