Is The Truth About Who We Are Disconcerting?

We often wonder who we are.

What is our purpose and why do we exist? Why time flies fast? What happens after life?

We all come to this world in the same way, and we are all given a chance to figure out what our purpose is.

What really matters most? Is it what we do? How we do it? How long have we been on this earth? Too many questions!

As we get older, are we the same person or do we change as we age? That was asked by The School Of Life, and the answer may not be as surprising as we think. It has something to do with our personal identity and how we spend our life on earth, in short, our character.

The School Of Life added that personal identity seems to come down to values, inclination, and temperament.

Who we have been will survive long after our bodies have returned to dust and our bodies have been obliterated.

In short, who we are is how we live our life, the way we treat people and how we respond to challenges. It’s the way we get back up when we fall, the way we accept, forgive and move on.

It is our readiness to accept when we are defeated and our willingness to try one more time. It is how we care and never forget where we come from.

It is how we fight without losing sight of our goal. To sum it up, it is how we spend each day on earth.

Because once we are gone, people will remember who we are, not how we look like and how we treated others, not how much wealth we have accumulated.

No, the truth about who were are is not disconcerting, it is illuminating.

Watch the video below for more insights.

Tell us, who are you, really?

Source: The School Of Life