It Is Not The Number Of Failure That Counts…

Do not ever fear failure.

If there is something we should fear, it is not failure. Why? Because failure makes us all better. It lets us see things in a different perspective and allows us to realign our priorities. The more we fail, the greater the chance of success and the sooner we would get there.

What we should fear is not trying because we cannot go where we want to be if we do not experience failure. It does not matter how many times we fail, what is important is we learn the lesson, move forward and start over. If you fail again, always have the courage to try one more time and then one more time.

Failing is irrelevant if we keep our focus and always set sight on the prize. Again, no matter how hard the journey, it is the process that leads us to our final destination. We may get rough and dishevelled along the way, but when we take the final step towards success, we will be as polished as the most precious diamond.

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