It Is The Journey That Counts, Never The Road

Dreamers and doers take different paths.

But the destination is the same, although the journey may take longer for others than some. There is no denying that, the road you would be in may be long, but the outcome is always worth it. Do not get impatient and never give up no matter what. It may get harder than you think but you can handle it.

It's a long road but it's worth it.

Learn what you can along the way. Equip yourself with knowledge and wisdom. You will most likely stumble more than once, but it matters not. I have said it many times over and other people perhaps many times more, but as long as you get up, you will be alright.

You will see others reaping success ahead of you, do not mind them. Take your own path, make no shortcuts and fight with all you have got. One day, you will wake up and realize that you have already made it. You would then see the sun shining brighter than usual. Bask in it because you deserve it.

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