5 Life Lessons I Learned From Having Nothing

Life is simple.

It can be. In the same manner, it can be tricky, complicated even. But as we go on and as life adds years to us, we become wiser, if not immune, when it comes to its surprises and trickeries, if we may call it that.

Sometimes, we have everything we want, and sometimes, we don’t have anything at all. When I was younger, we had nothing. My young mind could not process it all, such as the innocence of a child but when I was in grade school, I started to notice the difference between those people who can afford stuff and those who don’t.

Suffice to say, it was something I may not have been prepared for to experience, but I now know it was necessary. To share, and to possibly give strength to others, here are the life lessons I have learned from having nothing:

I had nothing to lose
Everything to gain was the name of the game. I had what I needed; I supposed, although there were times when there was no food at the table. I don’t look at it with anger, just awe, that I was able to survive the ordeal. I left home armed with nothing but hope and determination. Now, without going into details, I can say life is a little bit better, and it can only get better, that much, I know.

Perseverance is key
It did not matter what kind of work I had to do, what mattered was that I was earning money to survive and to make ends meet. I knew I wasn’t the one to complain but I learned to asked what I thought I deserve. I got what I asked for, most of the time, at least. I persevered and did not mind that my body screamed rest and sleep. What do you know, I survived and had grown well as a person from it.

Dreaming big helps
From the beginning, I knew I had a bright future, and I was excited about it. Even when I was struggling to balance school and work, I was aware that life would not be like that forever. I dreamt big and still dreaming big. Big dreams always pay off because even when you don’t exactly land where you want to be, you will still end up somewhere great.

I can do anything
When you have nothing, you want to have something. I felt powerful, unbeatable. I was relentless. I was focused. This was a sign, for me, that I can indeed do anything I set my mind to. There were moments when I wanted to give up, but I told myself that a challenge can always be given up on but a chance will not always be there to be grabbed, so I carried on.

I am capable
I certainly am. We all are. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of hardship to realize this but when we do, there is no going back because we know we are strong and able, and can do more than what we think we can, we just have to believe and live up to it.

One more great lesson I shall never forget is that while help will always be available to us, the best person to help me is myself.

I hope you have learned something from my experience.