Let’s See Life From The Eyes Of An Amazing Kid

Most adults struggle to find meaning.

We are lost in an invisible maze and we spend most of our time asking questions and looking for answers we will perhaps never find.

But you know, I watched a video (added below, thanks to Facts.) and it brought out so many emotions and realizations. It is because of a 7-year-old kid who has this life all figured out!

When asked what advice he can give to a 57-year-old gentleman, he said, “Be yourself.” I mean, I don’t even recall thinking like that when I was a child. All I knew then was I had to be tough for many reasons but being myself was not one of them.

Go ahead and watch the video below. Learn a thing or two from the innocent eyes of an amazing child. It gave me chills and feels and somehow made me wish I was a child again. However, what I have gone through in life and what I have become cannot be traded for anything else.

It is still good to know that wisdom, after all, is not something dominated by adult. We do learn more than a little something from children. What a great way to be inspired!

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Source: Facts.