If Life Is A Game, Here Are The Rules To Win

Is life a game?

If it is, what are the rules? Do we make it up or is there a guideline to follow? We think it is a game of sort, we all win, and we all lose at some point. Not because we are not capable but because there are lessons to be learned, both the hard and easy way.

We make up our rules along the way. Sometimes it works for us, sometimes it doesn’t, and that is okay. It is life and learning is a big part of it.

In the end, we all want to win at life, even when we won’t live forever. And to win, here are the rules you may want to follow:

Have a great vision

See into the future but remember not to live there. Stay in the present, do the works, be patient. Know what you want to accomplish, what you want to be and where you want to be. Along the way, be true to yourself and do not let what others think of you stop you from achieving your goals and attaining what you have envisioned for yourself.

Believe in your ability

You are not perfect, and that is okay, but do not doubt your ability to make things happen. It is not always easy, but that is the best part, isn’t it? Our abilities are tested the hard way, and that is how we become stronger so don’t doubt what you can do, ever.

Live life and have fun

Life is meant to be lived, game or not. It is an opportunity we should never waste, and we should always remember to enjoy every moment of it, even when we are facing trials and hardships. We cannot be successful, and we cannot win if we only focus on achieving and succeeding while forgetting how it is to live.


You will be challenged many times before you win and you may fail at times, but it does not mean you are weak. It only means you have to work harder and keep going until you can take home the win.

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