Life Is Way Too Short. Laugh. Joke. Smile.

Laughter remains the best medicine.

Happiness is contagious and cheerful people are easy to get along with. They have a light aura that draws others to them, making it appear that life is easy.

Life is never easy as we are all aware, but it gets better if you take it with a grain of salt. If life throws you something and makes you unbalanced, deal with it, laugh at it and move on.

Not everyone can just laugh at problems, but it is a skill that can be learned. After all, moping and sulking about it do not resolve a problem anyway. We might as well be happy and look at it with a playful heart. Problems are less taxing if we embrace it with a sense of humor, because we are telling the universe that there is nothing we can’t handle.

Let go, laugh loud and joke around. Sometimes, it’s all we got, and oftentimes, it is more than enough.

Don’t you agree?