These Are The Things Life Taught Me In 4 Decades

Lessons in life are great.

They may be painful, heartbreaking, panic inducing at times, but they are also eye opener and in the end, breathtaking.

It is fickle minded, to say the least, and with it, we become so as well. We either go with the flow or make our own ride.

Four decades later, I can only wish that I had known a lot of things way before they happened but then again, I have also come to the realization that it is what it is and the best thing we can do is embrace it and move on.

Here are the things I learned so far, which I think are worth sharing because whether we like it or not, it will happen to everyone albeit in a different way:

You get heartbroken
A stranger once told me that we all get heartbroken because of love and this love is not confined on one single relationship. Sometimes, we get hurt and broken unexpectedly it turns our world upside down. Yes, it will be very painful to the point where you think you will never be whole or the same again but you will be whole and the same person again, only BETTER.

You will fail
You will fail and that is the reality of it. This is one thing we cannot go around with and it will happen whether we like it or not, expect it or not, prepared or not. The good thing about this? You will also discover that you are capable, more than you give yourself credit to. The lesson is to learn from this experience, don’t give up, and always look at the bright side.

Help is always available
Yes, it is. Even when you don’t ask for it, it will come to you. You can also ask for it and it will be given to you. The lesson life is trying to teach us is that we should be strong but we should not be afraid or shy to ask for help either.

Loving oneself is a must
We often forget this and as we go on with life, we will learn that not only this is important, this is also necessary. We would love another more than we love our self but this should not be the case. We should love ourself first not because it is selfish but because it is necessary and what we deserve. It is a must and life will teach us that it is non-negotiable.

Expectations hardly happen
We expect a lot of things and life will surprise us with the fact that expectations hardly happens the way we expect things to happen. Something is always bound to happen and whether or not it is in our favor, we have to remember that we can adapt, move on and try again. Otherwise, we should embrace what life has in store for us.

There will still be a lot of things that would happen to me, to everyone, but we know that life will get better if we learn to accept it for what it is.

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