Listen To The Powerful Advice Of Highly Successful People

Graduates, take the center stage.

Finally, school is over and a new phase begins. It’s a whole new world outside the university and you are all aware of it. It’s a place where your dreams formed and now it’s time to make them happen. This is not a homework in which you have to turn it in at a given time. You have all the time to live your life and explore and achieve and be happy. But be aware, it becomes too short when you waste it.

Yes, don’t forget to be happy! The real world may not be exactly the way you have envisioned it to be, but the lessons you will learn from experience are life changing. Make it your expanded classroom. Rate your own performance. Learn and improve.

Don’t get discouraged when things do not move along right away. Be patient. Be a student of life. Follow your instinct. Listen to your heart.

Along the way, you will stumble into heartbreaks, disappointments, and discouragements. Don’t give up. Learn what you can from the experience and carry on. Have faith. Believe in yourself. You have got what it takes.

People who are highly successful did not get to where they are in an instant. They, too, had to fight their way up. The main difference is that they never considered quitting.

For more motivating words to keep you going, read the inspiring advice and wisdom of highly successful people from below article, courtesy of Business Insider. Let them be your guide in traveling your journey and carving your mark.

Congratulations, Graduates! March on!

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27 highly successful people share the best career advice for new grads

Richard Branson: Never look back in regret — move on to the next thing
Sheryl Sandberg: There is no straight path to where you are going
Warren Buffett: Exercise humility and restraint
Maya Angelou: Make your own path
J.K. Rowling: Embrace failure
Melanie Whelan: Get a job, any job
Eric Schmidt: Say yes to more things
Chelsea Handler: When you make a commitment, keep it
Marissa Mayer: Pick something and make it great
Steve Jobs: Don’t just follow your passion, but something larger than yourself
Suze Orman: With success comes unhelpful criticism — ignore it
Bill Gates: Keep things simple
Arianna Huffington: Don’t work too hard
Stewart Butterfield: Have an “experimental attitude”
Dr. Phil McGraw: Make sure you’d be all right with someone judging you on any of your work
George Stephanopoulos: Relax
Marla Malcolm Beck: Remember that you won’t end up where you start
T.J. Miller: Work harder than anyone else around you
Alexa von Tobel: Get up, dress up, and show up
Mark Bartels: Map out a timeline for yourself when you start a new job
Hermione Way: Start your own business
John Chen: Being a “superstar” can hurt your career
Salli Setta: Never eat lunch alone
Deepak Chopra: Embrace the wisdom of uncertainty
Brian Chesky: Don’t listen to your parents
Diane von Furstenberg: Keep it real
Rick Goings: Be nice to everyone

–by Jacquelyn Smith and Rachel Gillett

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