Live In The Present As The Future Awaits With Promise

Look forward.

Let past stay in the past. The only thing you should carry is the lessons and wisdom you have gained from experience, nothing else.

Sometimes, what happened may drag you down but fight it with all you might because what transpired does not define you, how you react to it moving forward would. It is something that is already beyond your control, something you cannot do anything about—don’t dwell on it.

You may be a product of what happened but what really matters is who you will become, not who you were.

Everyone can start over, but not everybody gets a chance to, sometimes, it is already too late. Therefore, take a leap of faith. Be strong. Forgive yourself. Be excited and happy about the future.

You do not exist in the past nor live in it—you are in the present, and the future promises to be bright. Look forward to it while living your life now.

I am sure you’d agree, wouldn’t you?