Live Life & Inspire, Mere Existence Is Out Of The Question

Doesn’t life entice you?

It is exciting, promising, mysterious and overall, fascinating. But it begs some question we may never truly know the answer. “Why do most people forget to live and are happy to merely exist?” Is it fear of the unknown? Or fear of being truly alive? Is it fear of going out of the comfort zone or have they found a happy place?

Each morning, when you wake up, you do not know what is going to happen. Every day is a miracle on its own. We should embrace it. Think about the places you’d go, the things you’d accomplish and the memories you’d make. Think about what life will give you and the fascinating way fate twists and turns.


If you haven’t started yet, spend your time carving your own version of history and explore the world around you. Live the life you have envisioned and inspire others to do the same. Make a path for yourself. Do not cross the path of others, unless you are heading in the same direction. Do not take the journey created for you by others unless it is also a choice you have made for yourself. Do not exist like a mere shadow because there are plenty of those already. You are different, make yourself so. Stand tall and stand your ground even when you are the only one doing it.

If today is great, imagine what tomorrow is going to be like. While it is not promised, live life today and hope that tomorrow is better than today and it usually is. We beg of you, live and be the force to be reckoned with! It is your destiny to rise and be among the stars.

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