Love Your Body, Love Your Health

“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.” – Astrid Alauda

Good health, good life.

It does not mean that we have everything we want, only that health is excellent and we are heading in the right direction. It also means you are taking care of your body well and you are not leaving things to chance.

The body is the temple of life. Without it, we are nothing and harsh as it may seem, it is the truth. That is why we have to love what we have been given, take care of it, and then take care of our health in the process.

How do we do this? The answer is simple. We have to love our body by taking care of it the best way we know how.

Eat the right kind of food and while we do not recommend that you deprive yourself, we do recommend that you eat moderately. Exercise often, and do not forget to have enough sleep.

There will be moments when you will fail and not handle things the way you have planned. Be gentle with yourself. Your reaction to what happens to you will affect your body. For example, stress is not good for you when it becomes chronic. It can lead to illnesses, which is something you don’t want to happen.

There are a lot of adverse effects when you don’t take care of your body, and the easier option is to love it wholeheartedly, take care of it and be on top of your game.

Love your body, and it would show that you love your health. It is all you have to do because when you are healthy, you can do anything you want and more.

Treat yourself well. The body is the temple, and you know it deserves the best care you can give.

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This article was originally posted by HealthDelight. Reposted with permission.