Be Honest: Are You Madly Running or Being Rudely Ran?

Which type of a runner are you?

There are two ways to deal with life on a daily basis: run away from it or run towards it. It is hard to determine what one is going to do at any given time if there is no plan at hand.

We are all given 24 hours a day each, but we spend it differently. Others make the most out of it while others waste most of it on mundane things. We can be as productive as we choose to be and fail to do the things we want to do. In short, whatever the outcome is, it is up to us because the decision is ours, to begin with. It is hard to stay focused if we have other things in mind and not give importance to time. As they say, money can be earned back, time, never.

At the end of each day, we should be satisfied with what we have done and look forward to the next day and spend it wisely again. If we fail to do this, time will pass us by and yet; nothing will ever change. We would be as we were yesterday and the day before that. We would be the same people, not smarter, not wiser and with a void waiting to be filled but not willing enough to do something about it.

We dictate the course of our lives, not anyone else. We can make it better or make it worse, the choice, really is ours and ours alone. Run the day, every day, instead of letting it run you like a tree in a desert, withering, dwindling, dying, unable to see a purpose until it becomes too late. Run towards the day with arms wide open. Embrace life. Be the master of your destiny. Live.

Because we cannot say goodbye to this world without living first, can we? Seize the day and make time your best friend.

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