Mind No One, Mind No Time…Just Keep Going

Keep moving forward.

Time passes by, mostly without notice and we just get surprised when a week, a month, a year is already over—and yet, we remain swamped with the things we need to accomplish, places to go to, people to catch up with, dreams to make a reality.

It seems that there are way too much to attend to and we have little to no time to do them. It is one of the biggest challenges we are facing every single day. That is why we make time and maximize what we have to accomplish the things we have set our minds to. The key is to prioritize and not allow yourself to be distracted.

When you feel that you are being inundated with everything and that everything seems to be happening at once, and you are running out of time—breathe. Sometimes, what you need to do is stop for a minute, an hour or a day to regain your focus. When you return, you have a clearer mind and vision. This means that you can do your tasks easier and faster.

Look at the clock if you must but do not ever make the mistake of letting it stop you and tell you that you have run out of it. Time does not stop for anybody; it will continue to revolve, on and on, on and on. Whatever you do, it will keep on running.

If anything, you can follow its example – not to allow anyone or anything to distract you. Keep going, as if nothing else matters. Mind no one, mind no time—the only race you need to run, after all, is the race against yourself.

Time is beyond your control, but if you do what you can with what you are given, it will always be a time well-spent.

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