Don’t Ever Let These Mindsets Trap And Derail Your Success

What you think, you become.

How many times have you heard or read that saying? How many times have you ignored it? For long how are you going to ignore it?

Success is elusive because you think only the privileged few have the right to it. You doubt yourself so much you cannot think straight and see clearly that whatever others can do, you can do, too, perhaps even better!

You have wasted enough time, and you are running out of it. Do not let your fear and self-doubt control you. For your sake, you must control them.

Would you rather believe in lies you tell yourself, that you are incapable of great things or would you rather go and dare, and discover what you can do?

Challenge yourself, be different. Dream. Do. Succeed!

A former bread delivery driver has ignored his fears after giving in to them for a long time. Now, he is living his dream.

Read on below and learn how to get out of the mindset that is trapping and derailing your success. Remember these lessons and never let it happen again.

How do you overcome fear and self-doubt? Please share your tips with us.

5 Mindset Traps That Will Derail Your Success

For 12 years, I was a bread delivery driver, and I dreamed of more for my life. But I also listened to my doubt and fear, and I let them keep me from more—from success.

There are five common mindset traps that will ruin your chances of reaching whatever success means to you.

1. Comparison

Your journey is personal, and your success should not be measured against what someone else is doing or has done.

2. Self-Doubt

These and many other self-limiting beliefs can easily derail your progress—listening to the negative voices inside your head will convince you that you can’t make big changes or hit your goals.

3. Negative People

Negative people can’t see past their situation, and their only goal is to bring others down to their level.

4. A Lack of Inspiration

The road to success is long, and you need constant motivation to keep you focused.


Today is the day to start, to push forward.

–by Kimanzi Constable

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