Motivated People Disregard Failure and Focus On Success

We will fail many times.

In whatever we do in life, in career or any endeavor we set our mind to, we may not succeed the first time (if we do, we are considered fortunate) or the second time we try, but it does not mean we will not on the next attempt or the one after that.

However, if we are motivated enough, the number of times we have failed will never matter because the goal we have in mind must be achieved no matter what. Nothing can deter us or make us turn our back and abandon our quest; we will move forward, and we will keep doing so.

The only time we will halt is when we have reached success, the place where we have as much right to be like anybody else. It is where we belong, but only if we set our mind to it, to greatness, to the place only the willing goes to and stays.

Failure happens, and it is something we cannot do anything about when it does, except to adapt to what transpired, learn what we need to, move on and try again – harder this time.

People fail not because they are incapable or incompetent but because they give up when things do not work in their favor, and sometimes they get impatient for the results to come they throw in the white towel. Don’t be one of them. Do better.

Be reminded not to count failures, it does not matter, except to give lessons, which become part of the journey. We only need to get it right once, and everything else will fall into place. Don’t expect things to be easy but expect to learn, grow, be better and succeed. Behind success are countless failures and all of them you can manage to overcome.

Have you got what it takes? Then be ready to succeed.

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