4 Key Moves To Be Extra Productive

Productivity is life.

We all want to be productive, and most importantly, we are all expected to be productive every single day at work, at life and at everything we do.

It is fair, isn’t it? That is why we also have to do our part and everything we can to make sure we are productive and that our performance is exceeding expectations. Not only this will set us ahead of the pack, but this will also give us a higher chance of getting promoted quickly.

Interested? Here are the ways we make sure we are extra productive every day:

Keep your focus
Wherever we look and turn, there are distractions after distractions, and these are the things you need to avoid if you want to keep your focus. Stop checking your Facebook and Instagram, or any social media account. If you need to check something, set a time for it, say five minutes and then log out. This way, you are in control of your time and the tasks you need to accomplish. Remember, the focus is not just the ability to get things done; it is also making sure your attention is on the task at hand.

Take a break
Some people think taking a break is a waste of time because something may be done and accomplished instead. However, breaks are ways to recharge, to regain focus, and to be more productive. The body and mind need it. Otherwise, you will feel exhausted, burnout and could even lose interest.

Number your tasks based on importance, the time and amount needed to be done. When you know what needed to be taken off your list and when, it becomes easier to manage your tasks. When you have a big task, you can divide it into smaller tasks to avoid getting overwhelmed. When you prioritize, you can avoid unnecessary stress and have quality output.

Don’t stretch yourself
Having initiative is a good thing, but when it means you will be swamped and you can barely focus, it becomes counterproductive. Do what you can and do your best but do not allow yourself to suffer a setback just because you want to please everybody. Say no if you must, politely, when you know you need to. It is not only helping yourself, but it is also helping another albeit indirectly.

Remember, productivity is not just about hard work, it is also about being smart on how you do things and manage your tasks.

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