Do We Ever Need A Reason To Smile?

“Twice I have lived forever in a smile.” ― E.E. Cummings

If someone would say life is a roller coaster ride, we will all nod our heads in agreement. One day you are happy, the next moment you are sad. Today you are at the peak of health, tomorrow, a pesky combination of a cough and cold keeps you in bed. Some other time, your life is perfect, and in an instant, it has turned upside down.

But despite all the unpredictable things happening in life, there are thousands of reasons to smile each day.

We are alive.

The sun will rise.

The birds are chirping.

The rain.

The water we drink.

The food we eat.

The Internet.

Our home.

There’s a roof  above our heads.

We are comfortable.



The blue sky.

The warmth of summer.

The beauty of winter.

The ocean.

The soothing waves.

Shoes to make us comfy.

The loose change in our wallet.

The love we feel.

We are loved in return.

The innocent babies.

The scent of the morning.

The wind making the trees dance.

The happy stranger at the park.

The smell of coffee.

The taste of an apple.

The purest green color of nature.

The towering trees.

The first ray of sunshine.

The bark of your dog.

The purr of your beloved cat.

Someone cares.

The sound of traffic.

The green light.

Ice cream.

The fluffy clouds.

If you find it hard to smile, think of the reasons listed above, look up or simply look around you. Our life will never always be a bed of roses, we have to pick up the pieces and remove the thorns sometimes, but it doesn’t mean we no longer have a reason to smile. At the very least, if not for ourselves, to make the day of the ones we love better.

Would you agree when we say we have all the reasons in the world to smile? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.