4 Negative Effects Of Favoritism

We hate favoritism.

But we all have favorites, and that is ironic, isn’t it? Favoritism is seen as negative regardless of where it is happening. It is hated at home, abhorred at the workplace and unthinkable when it comes to friendships.

When it comes to work, however, here are the negatives effects of favoritism:

It brings about resentment and jealousy
While some people do not always like to be favorites, most people do not want to experience favoritism wherever they may be. It raises a lot of issues and brings out a lot of feelings and emotions. This is not a good thing because when it comes to the workplace, everyone is expected to be professional. If you are a leader, you don’t want resentful and jealous team members because they will not be productive. Besides, it is hard to work with negative vibes all around.

It breaks a team apart
Favoritism breaks a team apart. When one is a favorite, the others will not take it lightly and possibly gang up on him, and then gossip and unhealthy competition follow. There is no real winner in this scenario because, in the end, the team loses, the company loses and everyone else does, too.

It affects motivation
It is a motivation killer when a leader plays favorite. One or two favorites may be motivated to do better, but the rest of the team members may not feel the same way. The impact on each other’s morale will also have a huge effect on how the team performs.

It encourages disrespect
Leaders who blatantly show favoritism also show no respect to people working for them and people they are working with.  In return, the ones who work for and with him also lose respect for him and his leadership. This will have a negative effect on everyone and everything involved, that is why it is best to treat everyone fairly and equally.

Remember, do your best not to play favorites. If you cannot avoid it, it is best to do it in private and not in the face of everyone who exert the same amount of effort to do their job and to accomplish the goal of the team.

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