Have A Break But You Should Never Give Up The Fight

You will get tired.

Everybody does at some point. But just because most people give up does not mean you should. There are days when you would feel that you have had enough and you cannot take it anymore. It only means you need to rest or to take a deep breath to gather your thoughts. 

Allow yourself to take a break that is well-deserved. Yes, pause when the situation calls for it, but do not consider throwing in the towel.

Pause if you must, but don't stop.

Do not quit only to start over. Do not get me wrong. You can always start over, but why bother when you can quickly pick up where you left off? Consider how far you have come.

Stopping means you are no longer interested in pursuing your passion and your dreams, which you have worked so hard for. It is giving up without a fight. Do not let this happen because you are tired. Carry on because you are tired of living the same average life. You deserve success and you definitely deserve greatness!

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