No, A Life Full Of Animosity is No Life At All

Life is indeed short.

Stories had been written over and over again that people who have gone out of this world have one regret in common – not living life to the fullest when they had a chance. It would be a sad way to go, isn’t it?

Life has so much to offer. It has endless adventures and discoveries waiting to be touched and turn upside down. Life is a magical force that allows you to have everything imagined or otherwise. It is vast. It is the whole universe.

The problem is that we are afraid to find out what is out there. We fear the unknown. We think it is better to settle and be where it is safe and comfortable. Don’t hate life for what it has to give and the difficulties it throws at you because you need to be better and stronger. Don’t be bitter because it seems others have it easy. Don’t hate because you were hurt by someone else or you were taken advantage of. Be glad that you are not the one doing these things. It means you have become a better person.

It’s not yet too late for you and me, for all of us. We still have a chance to make up for the lost time. Learn to forgive and forget. Leave no trace of anger and look past the wrong deed done. It does not mean that you will let yourself be taken advantage of but rather, you can move past it to be happier.

When you forgive, you are doing yourself a favor and not anybody else because you are freed from negativity. Most of all, you do not get affected by what other people think of you.

There is no easy in this world, only something you work hard for, or you don’t. Don’t regret anything. Let go of hatred. Let go of grudges. Find peace and be happy. Forgive others and forgive yourself, too.

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