One Single Reason To Do What You Want In Life

So many things stop you.

There is doubt, apprehension, other priorities and most of all, unlimited excuses. These are all the things you can do without.

At this point, think about what is making you happy and not what other people expect of you. Consider where you want to go, what your passion is and how you want to get there.

You must do the thing you THINK you cannot DO. -Eleanor Roosevelt

The biggest hindrance, whether we acknowledge it or not, is a lack of confidence to get it done, thinking it cannot be done because you are afraid to fail, or you will arrive short of your chosen destination.

Why should you do what you want to do? There is one single reason: because YOU CAN.

Despite the doubt clouding your mind, you are stronger and more able than you think. Do it and you will never go back! It does not matter if it scares the living daylights out of you, do it anyway. It is going to be the best decision you will ever make, because once again, YOU CAN! Besides, it is the only way to succeed and bury the fear that has been crippling you down.

What have you been wishing and wanting to do but too scared to do it? Are you ready to make it happen?