Out Of Failure, A Strong Character Emerges

Failure is a bringer of life…or death.

When we fail, we are reborn into someone new, stronger, better and wiser individuals or we succumb to failure, not able to get away from its grasp.

Out of failure, a different character emerges, our real characters, to be more on point. Do we stay close to who we are or do we give in to something easy; making poor decisions we would eventually pay for…because we are accountable. Otherwise, how would we learn?

Remember, when we fail, we are merely being tested, and when we overcome it, our character becomes more solid, and we are way better than we have ever been, we are stronger—but this only happens when we do not let any setbacks affect our goals and our real character.

Read on below and check out the tips provided by Chad Hennings, a man of true character who has conquered many trials in life and has come out triumphant and a better man.

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Why a Strong Character Is Built on Failure

Fighter pilot. Super Bowl champion. Motivator. Author.

These are all titles that Chad Hennings has worked hard to earn over the years, first in the Air Force, then as a defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, and later as a professional speaker and writer. But Hennings says there is another, more important, title that he works for everyday: Man of Character.

“If you aren’t held accountable for the decisions you make, there’s no learning moment. I’ve learned more through my mistakes and the trials in life than I have through any of the victories.”

–by Scott Bedgood

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