Perhaps You Need To Ask Yourself: Have You Done Enough?

 Becoming complacent is easy.

But little did you know it is the same reason you fail to progress, why you are stuck where you are—because you become comfortable being comfortable, you no longer exert extra effort in what you do.

You become contented with an “acceptable” outcome, a mediocre life, even a stagnant relationship. So much so that you have forgotten you can do better, you can achieve more, and definitely more than you have settled for.

It is time to ask yourself if you have done enough, if you have given it your best shot, to the best of your abilities. Remember; you can always take one step further and leap a little higher.

If you honestly believe that you have given it your best, then you can say, with complete confidence and without an iota of doubt, that you have succeeded the best way you know how.

For more inspiring words, please watch the video below, created by Your World Within.

Tell us, have you been doing enough?

Source: Your World Within