3 Powerful Ways To Master Any Conversation

Not everyone has a knack for conversations.

One is either shy or aloof. Others are simply detached. A selected few, however, blow your socks off by how easy they make it seem.

Would you believe us when we say you can manage to do the same? Sure, it may seem like a tall order, but with practice and a little nudge on the confidence department, you can do it, too!

We will take a guess and say you don’t really believe us, but tell you what; there is no harm in trying the following when starting or when you are forced into a conversation:

  1. Start with a heartfelt compliment.

A simple compliment that is genuine goes a long, long way. If you feel awkward, take comfort that the other person feels the same and a compliment is a good way to break the ice. It does not matter what sort of compliment you give, be it about the hair, the outfit, the shoes or something else, make sure it will not make the situation even more awkward. Please take note that you are meant to say something nice, and it will always be appreciated.

  1.  Ask questions.

Please make questions relevant and safe. Avoid asking questions about religion and political beliefs to be on the safe side. If you find it hard to ask questions, base it on the compliment you have given. For example, if you complimented someone’s hair, ask where it was done or if it’s about a dress, where it was bought. When you do this, we guarantee you can steer the conversation successfully.

  1. Keep the conversation light.

If it is a first-time conversation and you are both strangers prior, the best way is to make the convo light. Find a common ground, make jokes and do not take anything seriously, or try not to. We know it is difficult when striking a conversation is something you are scared of doing in the first place.

The above list may or may not work for everyone, but we can say that by trying these amazing tips, we never had any problems making small talks and managing the conversation successfully without making a fool of ourselves. That is why we say it’s definitely worth a try!

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