4 Amazing Ways To Practice and Keep Self-Respect

Respect is earned.

This is the way things work in the world. When it comes to oneself, however, it should be something automatic and freely given at all times.

Unfortunately, this does not happen all the time for so many reasons. We think the saddest of them all is the fact that we often please others that we forget who we are and not respect ourselves anymore. We think it is not on purpose, but rather,  we are so focused on giving our time, attention and respect to others we take ourselves for granted.

We all deserve to be respected, and people who have earned it also deserve our respect. To make sure we never forget who we are and what we deserve, here are the amazing ways we practice and keep self-respect, always:

Ignore the haters
Do good and people will say something. Do bad and people will say something. The best thing you can do to avoid saying and doing something you will most likely regret later on is to ignore them. Keep doing what you want to do, as long as you do not hurt anyone in the process, and you will be alright. This way, you do not descend to the level of haters, and you retain your self-respect.

Don’t please people
This is a no-no. When we make it a habit of pleasing people, we tend to do their every whim, and we go out of our way to make them happy and to like us. Not only this is an injustice to yourself, but this is also unhealthy and a form of self-disrespect. Don’t forget yourself, just because you want others to be happy because in the end, you will only end up miserable and this is something you don’t deserve, ever.

Love yourself first
We always say that we cannot truly love another if we don’t love ourself first. This is also true when it comes to self-respect. The way we respect others should be the same way we do it to ourself. There should be no doubt, no condition and no hesitation of any kind. Go ahead and love yourself more than you ever have before and respect yourself as you have never respected anyone before. These same acts will manifest in how we treat others.

Be true to who you are
Change for yourself, because it is what you want to do and it is what will make you better and happy. Never do this for anyone else because when you do, you are handing over the reign of your life and your happiness to others. The situation like this never work out and only makes everyone involved unhappy in the long run. Be who you want to be, respect your own wishes and desires. Follow your own path and don’t be afraid to be who you are meant to be at all times.

Remember, respect begets respect. The way you respect yourself is the same way others will.

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